Cleveland and Los Angeles radio stations feature “Beating the NBA”

Aloha Frugal Faners, here’s an update on some interviews I’ve done in the past two weeks.

The first was with The STN Sports Report hosted by Brad Kurtzberg. The interview took place on June 18th, the night of Game  6 of the NBA finals, and was syndicated in eight markets. It’s possibly my favorite interview so far; Brad was very engaged in the topic of finding good deals to games, and reveled in the stories behind them. I elaborate on a particularly funny story that took place in Oklahoma City here: 

Interview – The STN Cleveland

The second interview was hosted by Michael Knight (I know, I’m a big Knight Rider fan too) from KFWB Los Angeles radio. Again, some funny stories and good banter here:

June 11 KFWB Michael Knight Los Angeles radio interview

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