Pickpocketed in Barcelona: Arsenal at FC Barcelona roundup

10 vs. 11. I´m too mad to come up with something witty.


I woke up this morning wondering what had happened last night. And then I remembered, we wuz robbed. Badly. A joke of a referee’s decision to give Robin Van Persie his second yellow card for shooting the ball a split second after the whistle blew (allegedly wasting time). Fans traveled from all over the world to watch a fair match (I met a Barca fan who flew in from DC for the night). With two of the most fluid passing teams in football pitted against each other there was great anticipation. Instead we got a Barcelona team beating an undermanned Arsenal team. Wins like this are what asterisks were made for. Yes Barca dominated possession, and yes they were far superior for nearly the entire match, but the fact remains that when RVP was shown out the door, they still needed to score against us. If it weren’t for a Cesc Fabregas mistake at the end of the first half, they’d have been goalless up to that point. (Do I sound a tad delusional? Trust me, it was toe to toe.) Read more of this post

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