Talkin’ NBA hoops on Yahoo! Sports Radio with Elissa Walker Campbell

Hello Folks,

Last week I phoned in for a regular guest slot on The Big E Sports Show with Elissa Walker Campbell. I love doing these spots, they’re great fun and the questions Elissa asks never fail to bring up perspectives on players and teams that I hadn’t really thought of. That’s the sign of a seasoned interviewer at work.

We waxed lyrical on the MVP race and the NBA playoff picture. The radio segment was split in two for podcast listeners. Here they are:

Part 1

Part 2

Meanwhile, last Friday I released an article on CNN with the headline “The $900,000 Monument to England’s Failure” about a giant sculpture by an Italian artist which records every loss the England football team has suffered since 1847. That’s a lot of losses. You can read the article here.

NBA MVP Candidate and hipster or jihadi? You decide.  (Photo credit: Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports)

Hipster NBA MVP Candidate or fundamentalist cleric? You decide.  #FearTheBeard

(Photo credit: Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports)

Motez Bishara on Yahoo Sports Radio Dissecting the Donald Sterling fallout / Kindle Countdown Deal Kickoff

Hello all!

Yesterday I was interviewed by the always terrific Elissa Walker Campbell for her Big E Sports show out of Houston on Yahoo Sports Radio.

We went over all the nail-biters in the first round of the NBA playoffs, but kicked off discussing the supercharged controversy involving Clippers owner Donald Sterling. Sterling’s racist rant caught on tape by his 20-something year old mistress was legitimate global news, on a viral level. The NBA came down hard on the 80-year-old, banning him from the league on every possible level (no attending any arenas, no communication with management, etc) and is pushing for a majority vote of fellow owners which would force him to sell. This is totally unprecedented in global sports (and even, perhaps, in every level of business).

My take on the Sterling scandal and more can be heard on this 11 minute segment

But that’s not all! I’m running a Kindle Countdown Deal that kicks off today at the low LOW price of $1.99 (US customers only, sorry). Access the Kindle purchase from here

Clippers – Warriors Game 7 is in LA tomorrow, promises to be a good one! Have a great weekend everyone.

Vanessa, you can instagram me anytime you want.

Vanessa, you can instagram me anytime you want.

The Big E Sports Show interview, Houston

Howdy y’all, last week I was graciously interviewed by the wonderful Elissa Walker Campbell from Houston, Texas for her weekly radio show. Elissa had me on as a guest during the NBA Finals back in June to give my take on the Heat and the Spurs, and so naturally I had to return for a follow-up for this fascinating start to the NBA season. Here’s me waxing lyrical on the undefeated Indiana Pacers, the Dallas Mavs, Houston Rockets and, finally, the Miami Heat (not to mention, discussing all things ticket related and “Beating the NBA”):

The Big E Sports show is broadcast out of Houston to dozens of local affiliates in the United States, as well as on Yahoo! Sports Radio and its 400 affiliate stations.

“Beating the NBA” featured on The Big E Sports Show (podcast link)

So this is my favorite radio interview so far. It includes a completely surreal moment where I raphsodise on nationally syndicated radio about how Heat coach Eric Spolestra should utilizing LeBron James in the NBA Finals (I suggeted starting him early at point guard).

Host Elissa Walker Campbell does a fine job on this Dallas-based program (beamed to 8 markets) which regularly features former NBA players Stacey King and Rolando Blackman. Big thanks to her for having me on and keeping the interview engaging.

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