Motez Bishara on Yahoo Sports Radio Dissecting the Donald Sterling fallout / Kindle Countdown Deal Kickoff

Hello all!

Yesterday I was interviewed by the always terrific Elissa Walker Campbell for her Big E Sports show out of Houston on Yahoo Sports Radio.

We went over all the nail-biters in the first round of the NBA playoffs, but kicked off discussing the supercharged controversy involving Clippers owner Donald Sterling. Sterling’s racist rant caught on tape by his 20-something year old mistress was legitimate global news, on a viral level. The NBA came down hard on the 80-year-old, banning him from the league on every possible level (no attending any arenas, no communication with management, etc) and is pushing for a majority vote of fellow owners which would force him to sell. This is totally unprecedented in global sports (and even, perhaps, in every level of business).

My take on the Sterling scandal and more can be heard on this 11 minute segment

But that’s not all! I’m running a Kindle Countdown Deal that kicks off today at the low LOW price of $1.99 (US customers only, sorry). Access the Kindle purchase from here

Clippers – Warriors Game 7 is in LA tomorrow, promises to be a good one! Have a great weekend everyone.

Vanessa, you can instagram me anytime you want.

Vanessa, you can instagram me anytime you want.

KMA Radio Shenandoah, Iowa Interview on How to Beat the NBA AND how to beat the holiday eating buldge

More radio talk, this time coming out of Shenandoah, Iowa! The Dean and Don show had me on as their guest a couple of weeks back and, of course, we talked all things to do with ticketing and the NBA. Here’s how it went:

Hope everyone has an awesome Thanksgiving weekend! I am a sucker for holiday food. If you’re anything like me and are a little nervous about how to beat the Thanksgiving and Christmas food bulge then I’ve got some good reading for you.

This study suggests working out before breakfast is the only way to avoid gaining weight if yu’re going to binge eat later in the day

And this article suggests 45 mins of cardio workout per day during the holiday period. Either way, the point is don’t just sit around on the sofa eating turkey, as smugly satisfying as it feels.

Happy holidays everyone!

WGN Radio Chicago interview

This morning I was interviewed by Pete McMurray of WGN Radio in Chicago for their drivetime news show. As always, it was a fun, engaging conversation (especially since Chicago was a challenging destination to get good deals); this one lasted about ten minutes.

Here’s a link to the station’s webcast:

And here’s the pop-up MP3: WGN Chicago radio interview July 17 2013

Thanks WGN for putting the interview up so quickly.

The National newspaper features “Beating the NBA”

Today’s The National (UAE) features a wonderful article on my basketball journey by Ali Khaled. Big thanks to The National’s sports section for assigning a very talented writer to dive into the book, and enquire about all the little things that made the journey so memorable.

Here’s the URL:

And the text of the article below:

One fan travels to find just the ticket in the NBA’s  basketball games

Jul 1, 2013


Basketball and road trips. You would be hard pressed to find two more  quintessentially American activities.

They are also the central themes of a recent book by the Kuwaiti author and  basketball fanatic Motez Bishara called Beating The NBA: Tales from a Frugal  Fan.

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