Talkin’ NBA Free Agency Blues

Back on the Big E Show to discuss all things NBA, from Boston’s big signing of Gordon Hayward to the weirdness of Houston signing Chris Paul, and of course Phil Jackson’s firing in New York.

The NBA Draft was also on the cards, and I expressed my opinion that Josh Jackson will be the outstanding pick of the draft, but slipped down to No. 4 for attitude reasons.

Listen to the segment here:


At some point the NBA Draft needs to do away with this baseball hat tradition.

Final Four analysis: It’s Awesome Baby!

It’s not every week you get to interview both Dick Vitale and Steve Nash, but I was lucky enough to do both in advance of tonight’s Final Four.

Nash and I had a fascinating talk on what makes a solid NBA player, the new definition of a point guard, and comparing Lonzo Ball to Jason Kidd. Plus his Final Four prediction!

You can read my interview with Nash for CNN here

You can listen to my 15 minute interview with Vitale here:

I was suffering with what I thought was the flu at the time, but which actually was pneumonia… so I was only 24 hours from being hospitalized with IVs running through my veins. But hey, we got a great talk in there about college hoops and this season’s wacky NCAA Tournament.

I even asked Dickie V how to get Tulane back in the tournament! (Note: The Green Wave have not been in The Big Dance since I was there in 1994.)


Best team to never win the tournament: Illinois of 1988/89

Favorite NCAA Team: Indiana championship team of 1976

Favorite era of college ball: Michael Jordan era in North Carolina (1981-84)


Motez, you’re awesome baby!! 

Rio 2016: Team USA ballers can be beat, Phelps is greatest all time, Ticketing scandals abound, and more

Hello from Buenos Aires, where I’m taking a much earned four day break from the madness in Rio.

Before I left, I filed this CNN story on the ticketing situation in Rio where I discuss the unsavory markups by CoSport, the official reseller in the US and UK, as well as the thriving ticket scalper market (where you can get half price deals to some of the biggest events, if you’re lucky).

I also wrote this Aljazeera profile on Saudi Runner Sarah Attar, who will be racing in her tenth marathon in Rio on Sunday.

It follows my profile on Kuwaiti swimmer Faye Sultan who won her heat on Friday as an Independent Athlete at the Games.

And, lest I forget, this think piece for CNN on the perilous state of Brazilian football.

I also did this segment for the Big E Sports show on SB Nation Radio where I discuss all things Olympic related, including Team USA basketball, Michael Phelps and even the US women’s gymnastics team.

One story I left out was losing my wallet in an Uber in Rio on the way to the Rugby Sevens finals…and managing to get it back just 40 mins later, while waiting on the side of the highway. Once you go Uber, you never go back.


Selfies are a global phenomenon. Bonding with Team USA fans after Phelps won his 20th and 21st golds was pretty awesome.


NBA Finals Game 4 preview, Yahoo Sports Radio

Hello All,

Last night I went on Yahoo Sports Radio’s Big E Sports Show with the awesome Elissa Walker Campbell to preview tonights Cavs – Warriors huge Game 4.

You can listen to my 10 minute rambling here, where I dissect Cleveland’s lineup, berate their management and discuss all things NBA:

And while I’ve got your attention, you can also stream another podcast stint I did back in April following Kobe Bryant’s final NBA game — that 60 point, 50 shot umm, classic [That’s the segment where I preceeded Hall of Fame basketball writer Bob Ryan]:

Lebron Shout

A who seh me don?

My CNN Op-ed: Luis Suarez: Do sporting suspensions work?

Greetings all! Please check out my new op-ed feature for on the sensitive topic of suspensions in professional sports. Luis Suarez is famously set to make his Barca league debut tomorrow against arch-rivals Real Madrid. How did his four month ban from playing competitively affect him?

Check out the link below. Pls share, tweet, like, etc, and have an awesome weekend. The match is on at 5pm UK time tomorrow, should be a ‘classico’!

Luis Suarez: Do sporting suspensions work?

By Motez Bishara, special to CNN
October 24, 2014 — Updated 1015 GMT (1815 HKT)

(CNN) — Although he’s vowed to keep his famous chops to himself, the world will soon find out if Luis Suarez can keep bagging goals without literally leaving his mark on defenders.

This weekend, the 27-year-old forward will complete his four-month ban for a third on-pitch biting offense, and could make his Barcelona debut in the battle known as “El Clasico” against Real Madrid on Saturday.

“Don’t worry, I won’t do that again,” the gifted Uruguayan promised, soon after arriving at his new club.

But will he?

How players are affected when they face lengthy suspensions can vary between recovery and meltdown depending on their support network, according to football insiders.

And surprisingly often, that support network is lacking.

“If someone has done this a third time, I’m not sure he can change so easily without addressing the issue,” says Roger Barnes, founder of London-based agency Sports Management International.

Read entire article on by clicking here

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