Mission Statement

Is there an NBA fan that hasn’t felt ripped off lately?

Even President Obama recently griped about ticket prices being too high. While the country wrestles with high unemployment and record debt, teams like the Lakers, Knicks and even the woeful Nets try to unload seats for hundreds – and sometimes thousands – of dollars.

Teams continue to expand into new arenas (the Knicks are renovating for a cool $800 million over the next few seasons) while looking to gouge the paying fan for as much as possible. Meanwhile, team owners and players squabble over how to split the millions going into next season.

But I know their dirty little secret. Tickets can be had for pennies on the dollar, if you know what you’re doing.

I’m on a mission to prove that craftiness will reap better deals than the out of reach ticket prices set by the professional leagues. Come along for the ride: I’m planning to hit as many NBA cities as I can. From the backstreets of New Orleans to the prairies of Oklahoma City I’ll be in search of game tickets under face value. I’ll bargain with scalpers, haggle with season ticket holders and hit up ticket brokers across the country.

A seismic shift in power is taking place fellow sports fans…power that we are taking back from the leagues, owners and media companies.

Join me on this mission – I want to hear from fans across the United States and meet you guys along the way.

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