About Me

I grew up in Manhattan, just as the Yankees were racking up World Series rings. My love for sports grew with a grudging fanship of the then struggling New York Giants NFL team. Since then, I’ve lived in Boston and New Orleans, before eventually settling in London.  I’ve become a die-hard Arsenal fan, where after ten years on the waiting list my season tickets finally came through.  I sit in the front row and get to yell at (fat) Frank Lampard and make fun of Wayne Rooney’s hair plugs. All things considered, they’re a great deal.

Aside from Arsenal, I have one mantra: to see as many live sporting events around the world in the best possible seats for as little as possible. Over the past two years I’ve hit nearly every NBA arena on a budget (some more than once). I’m proving a point that the ticket system in the NBA, and in most sports, is fatally flawed. You can read all about my journey in Beating the NBA: Tales From a Frugal Fan.

Contact me directly on: thefrugalfan (at) gmail.com

4 Responses to About Me

  1. Wow! You’re here! And the blog idea sounds fantastic. Congratulations and I will be waiting for updates:)))

  2. Moayad Naquib says:

    Impressive!! I had no idea about your blog!

  3. Jenny says:

    Nice one Mo – Look forward to reading more about the NBA tour.
    Keep on truckin’, Jx

  4. Anonymous says:

    Keep on Moots! Well done bro!!

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