Final Four analysis: It’s Awesome Baby!

It’s not every week you get to interview both Dick Vitale and Steve Nash, but I was lucky enough to do both in advance of tonight’s Final Four.

Nash and I had a fascinating talk on what makes a solid NBA player, the new definition of a point guard, and comparing Lonzo Ball to Jason Kidd. Plus his Final Four prediction!

You can read my interview with Nash for CNN here

You can listen to my 15 minute interview with Vitale here:

I was suffering with what I thought was the flu at the time, but which actually was pneumonia… so I was only 24 hours from being hospitalized with IVs running through my veins. But hey, we got a great talk in there about college hoops and this season’s wacky NCAA Tournament.

I even asked Dickie V how to get Tulane back in the tournament! (Note: The Green Wave have not been in The Big Dance since I was there in 1994.)


Best team to never win the tournament: Illinois of 1988/89

Favorite NCAA Team: Indiana championship team of 1976

Favorite era of college ball: Michael Jordan era in North Carolina (1981-84)


Motez, you’re awesome baby!! 

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