Rio 2016: Team USA ballers can be beat, Phelps is greatest all time, Ticketing scandals abound, and more

Hello from Buenos Aires, where I’m taking a much earned four day break from the madness in Rio.

Before I left, I filed this CNN story on the ticketing situation in Rio where I discuss the unsavory markups by CoSport, the official reseller in the US and UK, as well as the thriving ticket scalper market (where you can get half price deals to some of the biggest events, if you’re lucky).

I also wrote this Aljazeera profile on Saudi Runner Sarah Attar, who will be racing in her tenth marathon in Rio on Sunday.

It follows my profile on Kuwaiti swimmer Faye Sultan who won her heat on Friday as an Independent Athlete at the Games.

And, lest I forget, this think piece for CNN on the perilous state of Brazilian football.

I also did this segment for the Big E Sports show on SB Nation Radio where I discuss all things Olympic related, including Team USA basketball, Michael Phelps and even the US women’s gymnastics team.

One story I left out was losing my wallet in an Uber in Rio on the way to the Rugby Sevens finals…and managing to get it back just 40 mins later, while waiting on the side of the highway. Once you go Uber, you never go back.


Selfies are a global phenomenon. Bonding with Team USA fans after Phelps won his 20th and 21st golds was pretty awesome.


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