A fresh print review and an archived radio interview

Good morning and happy Friday!

Yesterday, Alibi.com, an arts and events website based out of Albuquerque, New Mexico published a review of Beating the NBA. The reviewer, Michael Sanchez, had this to say:

“It thrives when Bishara gets to dig into the personal details—like in the epilogue, where he lists the best and worst bars near the arenas—and goes over approaching scalpers like people as opposed to criminals who are always out to rip you off. It’s a refreshing look at a time-honored tradition: saving money while getting to enjoy something that you truly love.”

Amusingly, he called me out for using a lot of “adjectives and sloppy similes.” No one told me adjectives are now verboten in writing! What next, pronouns? Modifiers!

Read the review in its entirety here

And while we’re on the media tip, here’s an interview that I did back in November, 2013 with Champion Sports Radio in upstate New York. I was at a Planet Organic café and had no idea the call was coming in (I was on the schedule but no one told me!), so this was all stream of consciousness:

Have an awesome weekend, and let’s hope Arsenal bounce back tomorrow against Sunderland. We need a win, Come on You Gunners!!

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