Milwaukee Journal-Sentinal features “Beating the NBA”

Bob Wolfley of the MJS had this to say about my experience in his hometown (link to story on MJS website):

In his travels to NBA cities, frugal fan finds fulfillment in Milwaukee
By Bob Wolfley of the Journal Sentinel June 19, 2013

Motez Bishara has written a book, “Beating the NBA: Tales From a Frugal Fan,” in which he chronicles his trips to NBA cities to “buy the best NBA tickets at the lowest possible prices.”

In his Milwaukee stop he made out pretty well on the frugal front.

The game he attended was on Feb. 13, 2012. The Heat beat the Bucks that night, 114-96.

At first he worked Craigslist and showed interest in buying $122 tickets that were advertised for $100 each or best offer. He offered $150 for a pair. The seller counter offered $180 and the deal didn’t get done.

Bishara and his Milwaukee friend head to Major Goolby’s to “play the scalper game,” arranging to buy two lower bowl tickets for $100 each, but the deal fell through when the scalper, on his way to deliver the tickets, finds a buyer willing to pay $150 each for them.

Bishara and his buddy, a Goolsby’s regular, wind up getting two $47 upper bowlers for free from a Goolsby’s waitress.

“The Bradley Center reminded me a lot of Energy Solutions Arena in Salt Lake City, only I liked it a lot more,” Bishara writes.

Bishara stayed at the Pfister during his visit and discovered that the heat in his room was not working his first night there.

“I took it up with the manager instead, who comped me a night’s stay,” Bishara writes. “Free room, free game. I could get used to this Midwestern hospitality.”

I actually loved some of the post-article comments:

Izzatso – Jun 20 at 7:55 AM
When I saw the headline, I thought it meant that he found fulfillment because he skipped going to a Bucks game.

P Man in San Diego – Jun 19 at 10:51 PM
Still overpaid for his ticket.

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