Beating the NBA, WHBC radio interview Link

Just finished this fun interview with Sam Bourquin of WHBC radio in Canton, Ohio (Home of the Pro Football Hall of Fame):

I tell a few stories from my road trip, and hopefully get the message across about what drove me to write this book. Kudos to Sam and his team for putting it online so quickly!




2 Responses to Beating the NBA, WHBC radio interview Link

  1. Hey Motez, it’s seems that you found your niche in your favorite NBA:) great interview. And you have a book! Is getting cheap tickets to good music concerts more difficult or is it similar?

  2. Motez B says:

    Good question. It’s entirely supply and demand driven. So getting ‘cheap’ tickets to concerts depends on a few things:

    – How many nights is this artist playing in the same city?

    – How aggressively are the tickets priced by the concert promoter? Aging rock stars (Rolling Stones, Eagles, Van Morrison) tend to price their tickets sky high. If they play more than one night you can likely find a ticket going for less than face (stones may be an exception, too many devoted followers who want to see them before they croak).

    – How big is the venue they are playing at?

    So if Adele is playing a one-off gig at the Hollywood Bowl or a tiny venue like the Troubador, tickets are going to be through the roof. If Rihana is playing 10 consecutive nights at the Staples Center you can probably find some good last minute deals floating around.

    Hope that helps!

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