‘Beating the NBA: Tales From a Frugal Fan’ release update

It’s only hours away… sometime between 48 and 72 hours from now Beating the NBA: Tales from a Frugal Fan will be available on my Createspace site (with Amazon soon to follow).

Little elves are working overtime on the finishing touches, and once they’re done -boom- it’s off to the races like LeBron on a breakaway dunk.

Please subscribe to the blog for an update of how to purchase (input email on bottom right of page), or simply follow me on Twitter (can’t miss that link on the top right of the page).

Thanks for your interest, and I’m really looking forward to hearing feedback from other fans with their own stories! If you have any engaging experiences to share of your own ticket hunting adventures, please leave them in the comments section below.

Thanks for checking in!


About The Frugal Fan
Lifelong sports fan, and semi-pro blogging hack. If you enjoy what you read (or even if you don't) gimme a shout: motez56 (at) gmail

2 Responses to ‘Beating the NBA: Tales From a Frugal Fan’ release update

  1. elwehbi says:

    CONGRATS man!!!! I am so proud of you. Can’t wait to get my copy!

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