And Finally…The Frugal Fan in Print!

Coming this June, there’s more than just LeBron and the Heat vs. Parker and the Spurs to look forward to.  Beating the NBA is going live.

Yep, as more than a few of my friends have been aware of, I’ve been in the lab formulating this book for the better part of a year.  Writing, editing, interviewing, transcribing, proofing, re-editing, more proofing, formatting… and on it went. Writing a book is hard work!

Well, it takes a lot more work than I realized, to say the least. But at long last, the fruits of my labor are about to materialize.  I’m looking at June 12 as my tentative book release date (to coincide with the NBA finals). Copies will be available on Amazon, with the Kindle edition out about ten days later.

More details will follow shortly. In the meantime, here’s my cover. Thanks to all who helped make it happen!

Front CoverAnd here’s a little promo blurb to whet your appetite, in case you’re wondering   just what this opus is all about:

BEATING THE NBA is a new brand of “Gonzo” sports writing. Bishara is every fan in search of a little live sports entertainment for less than the price of a new Prius. Touring 31 NBA game in three countries, he gets to the bottom of how fans can get the most bang for their buck.

Inside the arena, he brushes with the cultural elite—Kanye West, Donald Trump, Ben Stiller, Will Smith, Jack Nicholson, etc.—while witnessing the genius of a who’s who of NBA icons. Outside the arena, he avoids getting jumped while wheeling and dealing for the best prices for the right to witness “kiss-cams”, $10 beers and the wiles of the “Warrior Girls”… all in person.


  • Why all thirty NBA teams embraced the secondary market
  • Bishara’s fascinating interview with a nationwide scalper
  • His attendance at the first regular-season game in his hometown of London
  • Extreme cases of ticket mispricing and the answer: dynamic pricing
  • Scalping etiquette
  • The collusion of scalpers
  • The inherent racism of scalping
  • How showing up close to tip-off isn’t always the best strategy for getting low-price tickets
  • How Chicago is probably the roughest place to hustle tickets
  • His take on the 2011 NBA lockout
  • Why Ticketmaster has become our last resort
  • Bishara’s interview with the man who is singlehandedly changing the way teams price tickets: Barry Kahn

Bishara’s prose is sharp and funny as the travel-weary warrior fights the good fight from port to port and coast to coast. In some ways, BEATING THE NBA is the ultimate guide to experiencing the NBA, as Bishara visits many of the premier cities in the nation for the first time. He takes advantage of his time between games to partake of the diverse “local flavor” available at NBA cities by hitting quirky restaurants, checking out live music, and testing the glitzy to grotty nightlife. It’s a travelogue for the hoops set.

2 Responses to And Finally…The Frugal Fan in Print!

  1. radlettblue says:

    Congratulations – I look forward to reading it.

  2. radlettblue says:

    Congratulations – I look forward to reading it!

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